Plexoboy Pesh Reflects On Maino Days & Talks ‘GrimeyGates 441’ EP From Behind Bars

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Plexoboy Pesh has been behind bars… but he’s not letting that stop him from creating music. The original Brooklyn Demon has been viewed as the hardest working music artist currently locked up, injecting nonstop blood, sweat, tears into his newest offering: debut EP titled “GrimeyGates 441.” The 5-track project sees Pesh reflecting on his old ways, while paying homage to the hood that made him the man he is today. 

In the midst of the Brooklyn drill movement, Pesh arrives as one of the originators, using classic hip-hop beats to tell his story which includes 8 plus years of consecutive prison bids. Plexoboy exploded onto the scene with his debut single titled “Thicker Than Water,” showcasing his talents as an independent artist with impeccable New York lyricism. The record paid homage to the classic 50 Cent and G Unit record, “Follow Me Gangster.” 

When it comes to his name, he states, “I’m an artist from Brooklyn, Gates and Nostrand (N.A. Rock) to be exact. On my block is the duplex part of the projects. I ended up calling the duplex part the Plexoz, so I ended up being Plexoboy Pesh.”

AllHipHop: What was the household like growing up in Brooklyn?

Plexoboy Pesh: It was gritty. I love my hood, I don’t want to be from nowhere else. I learned a lot out there. It’s loving at times, it’s fun and it’s rough at times. Most of the times, it’s rough. At the end of the day, it made me who I am today. Wouldn’t have it no other way.

AllHipHop: Biggest influences coming up?

Plexoboy Pesh: It was the OGs around me, like my uncles, my step pops, it was all getting money dudes, they was getting a lot of money out there in them streets and that’s what I idolized. I got a line in one of my tracks where I say “I neva wanted to be Big Meech, I’m from N.A. Rock – I think I’m Big Kieth. Big Keith is my cousin’s pops. I looked up to dudes like that: all the jewelry and the money, the girls, the fly, latest cars. That’s what I looked up to, the OGs from my hood.